Why Do They Hate Us?

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President Bush and others have called last week's attacks on the US "incomprehensible." Others say that, however atrocious and savage they might have been, they were all too understandable. But explanations differ. Has American success depended on subjugating the Third World? Are Muslim and Western cultures bound to collide? Are terrorists motivated by religion or delusions of grandeur? We look for reasons behind the hatred that sparked so much destruction and the taking of so many lives with sociologists, religious scholars, and foreign policy experts.
  • Newsmaker: Palestinian-Israeli Cease Fire Following US Attack - After hours of negotiating by US Secretary of State Colin Powell, the Palestinian Authority and Israel have agreed to a cease fire. But Ranaan Gissin, foreign press advisor to Ariel Sharon, cautions that Israel is not yet willing to modify its views of Arafat.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Terror Attack Impacts Airlines, Tourism - After being hit with last week's tragedy in the skies, the travel industry is now taking a beating on Wall Street. Will the airlines and tourism be able to survive? Chris Woodyard, of USA Today, offers some insight.

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