Will a Historic Agreement Be a Historic Mistake?

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For the first time since the Islamic revolution 34 years ago, the US and Iran have signed an agreement. Six other nations have also agreed that economic sanctions will be suspended for six months in exchange for a temporary freeze on Iran's nuclear program. Congress and America's allies are sharply divided.  Although both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry lauded the deal, there's trouble with both political parties in the US Senate, from South Carolina Republican Lindsay Graham, who wants to get tougher, to New York Democrat Charles Schumer, one of Israel's most vigorous supporters on Capitol Hill. We hear the arguments from Washington and the Middle East.



  • Ed O'Keefe - CBS
  • David Sanger - Pulitzer Prize-winning White House and national security correspondent for the New York Times, author of “New Cold Wars: China’s Rise, Russia’s Invasion, and America’s Struggle to Defend The West” - @SangerNYT
  • Louis Charbonneau - Reuters - @lou_reuters
  • Rami Khouri - syndicated columnist, senior fellow at the Belfer Center and professor of public policy at the American University of Beirut - @RamiKhouri


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