Is There a Case for Military Intervention in Libya?

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Is There a Case for Military Intervention in Libya?As the international media focus on Libya's possible civil war, Moammar Gadhafi is secure in Tripoli. What has astonished one reporter is the perception of residents in the capital city, which she describes as "complete denial" that their leader's government is under any real threat at all. Vivienne Walt arrived for the latest of many visits to Tripoli this past weekend. We speak with Walt and others about the situation in Libya and the case for international military intervention.


Vivienne Walt - Time magazine - @vivwalt, Martin Chulov - The Guardian - @martinchulov, Shadi Hamid - Brookings Institution; The Atlantic - @shadihamid, Aaron David Miller - Carnegie Endowment; former Middle East peace negotiator - @aarondmiller2, George Joffe - University of Cambridge

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