A Weaker Mayor Villaraigosa after Yesterday's Election?

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lamag-villaraigosa.jpgLos Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss' political career is over, at least for the moment.  He was crushed in yesterday's run-off for City Attorney by Carmen Trutanich, a previous unknown. After a very nasty, very expensive campaign, Trutanich won with 56 to 44% of the vote. We speak with Trutanich and others about what the election results means for the city and for Mayor Villaraigosa.


Carmen Trutanich - Los Angeles City Attorney - @CarmenTrutanich, Steve Cooley - former Los Angeles District Attorney, David Zahniser - Los Angeles Times - @DavidZahniser, Jaime Regalado - California State University, Los Angeles - @PBI

Warren Olney

Katie Cooper, Andrea Brody, Christian Bordal