Algerian Terrorist; New MacArthur Fellows

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Part 1: Algerian Terrorist
What can the man who would have bombed LAX say about NYC on September 11? Two years ago Algerian-born Ahmed Ressam was caught entering the US from Canada with a trunk-load of bomb-making materials meant to blow up LA International Airport on New Year's Eve, 1999. Now, investigators of last month's attack on the World Trade Center are questioning him again. Doug Saunders of Toronto's Globe and Mail explains how a fortuitous discovery by border guards introduced authorities to a terrorist cell that may shed light on ongoing investigations into terrorism in the United States. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)

Part 2: New MacArthur Fellows
Fresh out of law school, Julie Su, of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, made law and impacted California's so-called sweatshops forever. Her victory, on behalf of 80 Thai women working in El Monte, set a legal precedent that clothing makers and retailers could be held responsible for unfair labor conditions at plants run by subcontractors. For that, she has received a MacArthur Award, sometimes called "the genius prize." The 500 thousand-dollar fellowship couldn't have come at a better time for David Wilson, founder and curator of the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City. We speak with both of them about the affirmation of their remarkable achievements.

  • Reporter's Notebook: Councilman Wants Hollywood Sign in Red, White and Blue - A film studio will provide the paint at no charge, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce likes the idea. So does LA City Councilman Eric Garcetti who wants to paint the Hollywood sign red, white and blue. Garcetti calls this an appropriate time for Hollywood to honor our troops overseas and those who died in recent terrorist attacks.

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