Anti-establishment artists vs. the 1st Amendment

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John Duree: One of the attorneys for Thomas, aka C-BO Tip Kindell: Assistant Director/Communications, California Department of Corrections Doug Mirell: LA attorney specializing in 1st Amendment and media law issues Marvin Rudnick: Former federal prosecutor now in private practice in Pasadena "T": Owner of AWOL records, C-BO's company. "T" is currently serving a 2-year prison sentence for assault and battery at Mill Creek prison. (He claims it was false imprisonment) Tom Jipping: Vice President for Legal Policy at Free Congress Foundation Dr. Paul King: King is a child psychiatrist who has served as expert witness in many cases of murder or suicide (including some where it is argued a defendant acted under the influence of a kind of music). Anthony de Curtis: Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone David Bacon:

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