Big Rain Means Big Trouble in Southern California

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Five days of heavy weather have taken a heavy toll on the Southland. Flooding and mudslides have knocked down trees, cut off power, swept houses away and closed more than 100 roads and highways. Nine people died over the weekend, and at least one more was killed today. In some districts, schools have been closed. We get a first hand report of some of the worst damage, update the weather forecast and learn whether we can forget all about the drought.
Governor Schwarzenegger Releases New Budget
In Sacramento today, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the budget that nobody likes-including the Governor himself. David Drucker, who's in the Sacramento Bureau of the Daily News, reports on the inch-and-a-half-thick document, which includes a substantial number of budget cuts and changes in eligibility for several of the state's many social programs.
  • Making News: Mudslide Buries Hillside Town of La Conchita
    Willa Sandmeyer reports for KTLA-Channel 5, and she was in speaking with residents of La Conchita, on the Pacific Coast Highway just north of Ventura when a wall of mud came down the hillside. The slide damaged or destroyed at least 15 homes and killed one person in the tiny hamlet of 300.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Current Role of Weather Forecasters
    Television weather forecasters in Los Angeles are usually there to tell jokes and give viewers a break from the real news. But not when there-s weather like this, as KCRW's Matt Holtzman found out.



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