California's Getting Hot, Hot, Hotter

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By the end of this century, last month's heat wave will look like the average in California with 100 more days of 90-- temperatures every year. The Sierra snow pack will virtually dry up, cutting off two-thirds of the state's drinking water. There will be more smog and six times more heat-related deaths in urban centers. That nightmare scenario comes from the California Climate Change Center, a joint effort of three state agencies. We hear more about the report and look at the local effects of global warming with a policy analyst from the Natural Resources Defense Council and a special advisor on the environment to Governor Schwarzenegger.
  • Making News: Prime Minister Blair Addresses Middle East Policy in Los Angeles
    British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed LA's Town Hall today, with the message that America is not the only country backing Israel's attacks on Lebanon. Blair appeared as hesitant as President Bush to call for an immediate cease-fire to the Middle East violence. Francis Elliott, Whitehall Editor for London's Independent on Sunday, has been traveling with Prime Minister Blair and has more on some of the less political reasons for his trip.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bill Clinton to Attend Fundraiser for Phil Angelides
    With no primary challenge, Governor Schwarzenegger raised twice as much in the first half of the year as Phil Angelides, who spent his money fighting off fellow Democrat Steve Westly. But now the Governor and the Treasurer are just about even. Two weeks ago, President Bush was here raising money for Schwarzenegger. Tonight, former President Clinton will be in Beverly Hills on behalf of Angelides. Former Democratic advisor Bill Bradley is a political writer for the LA Weekly and publisher of New West Notes online.

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