Can the LAPD Learn from the Success of the NYPD?

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America-s two largest cities are very different in many ways, including the success of their law enforcement. With only twice the population of Los Angeles, New York has five times the police power. In New York, the crime rate has been going down. In Los Angeles, it-s on the rise. What can LA learn from New York? We speak with the former head of New York-s police force who is now a federal court monitor of the LAPD, and a former assistant chief of the LAPD. They address the value of strong political leadership and a sizeable police presence, an emphasis on crime prevention, and a good working relationship between the mayor and police chief.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Neighborhood Councils Gains Ground
    In 1999, LA voters approved neighborhood councils to promote community involvement and blunt the force of efforts to break up the city. Now, the councils finally are being put together. Professor Juliet Musso, who is studying the process as part of USC-s Neighborhood Participation Project, has a progress report.

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