Cell Phones and 911

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TIM ROBBISON: He called 9-1-1 from his cell phone and it saved his life on two separate occasions. MARK HIEPLER: A consumer advocate lawyer and founding partner of the Hiepler & Hiepler firm. He represents L.A. resident Marcia Spielholz in her lawsuit against LA Cellular. TIM AYERS: Vice President of Communications for Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association, which represents wireless phone carriers. JIM CONRAN: President of Consumers First, the lead organization the 911 issue, former director of California department of Consumer Affairs under Governor Pete WilsonBILL PRECIADO: Public Affairs Officer for California Highway Patrol. MARGIE FERNANDES: Vice Mayor of San Jose, she proposed the 311 no-emergency phone program recently implemented in San Jose. MIKE FEUER: Councilman in the 5th district. REVEREND WYLEY DRAKE: Reverend of 1st Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park. MARC LACTER: Editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal.




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