Compassionate and Conservative?

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It's the biggest day in the political life of George W. Bush: his chance to convince the doubters, energize the supporters and show the voters he has what it takes to move from the Governor's Mansion in Austin to the White House in Washington, D.C. What would a second-generation Bush presidency look like? Today, we'll look at the record in Texas. We'll ask if "compassionate conservatism" is an agenda or only a slogan. And, what about the theme being sounded by Dick Cheney and other Republicans all week long; that the younger Bush would restore dignity and honor to the office his father lost to Bill Clinton eight years ago?
Newsmaker: If it's true, Human Rights Watch calls it "the most important judicial decision in the history of Chile." That's in response to reports that the Chilean Supreme Court has stripped Augusto Pinochet of immunity from prosecution, meaning that the former dictator may have to stand trial for alleged abuses of human rights. We talk with Sebastian Brett, a researcher for Human Rights Watch in Chile.
Reporter's Notebook: Negotiators for the City of Los Angeles say that talks with groups planning protests during the Democratic convention have broken down -- for the moment. We talk with Joe Hicks, Executive Director of Mayor Riordan's Human Relations Commission, and moderator of talks between the LAPD and groups planning to demonstrate on the streets of LA.



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