Defending LA-s Wildfire Flashpoints

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Fire season began earlier than usual this year, and it could be more dangerous than because of unusually dry brush, a prolonged drought and gusty Santa Ana winds. That-s especially true in Malibu and Topanga Canyon, where residents are facing conditions like those that produced the monster forest fires in Arizona and Colorado, infernos so hot and fast-moving they create their own weather. Is it time for residents with rustic woodlands around their homes to get super-scoopers, those big airplanes that dump thousands of gallons of water? We hear from a resident who agrees, and a County Fire Chief and landscape designer who don-t.
  • Newsmaker: Senate Delays Freeman-s Appointment to Probe DWP
    The state Senate has put off a vote to confirm the head of Governor Davis- new state power authority because of evidence unearthed during an investigation into market manipulation relating to the energy crisis. Written when David Freeman headed LA-s Department of Water and Power, the memo says, -beware of ricochets- by the DWP. Democratic Senator Joe Dunn chairs the investigating committee.

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