Democratic Convention - Day 1

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On Day One, "Which Way, L.A.?" reports live at the Democratic National Convention, the LA Shadow Convention from Patriotic Hall, and the streets of Los Angeles. Voices from across the political spectrum will be represented, as well as an array of unique views from KCRW-s commentators who will be observing the people and the proceedings.
  • Eric Roy reports on what's been happening today on the streets of LA. (Listen)
  • Josh Meyer of the LA Times has been part of the White House Press Corps travelling with the President for the past week. (Listen)
  • Dan Schnur and Rep. Brad Sherman debate the differences between Republicans and Democrats. (Listen)
  • A conversation with Gore Vidal. (Listen)
  • KCRW drama critic Louis Fantasia's essay about the political drama playing out downtown. (Listen)
  • Rep. Juanita Millender McDonald, Mark Weisbrodt and John Micklethwaite debate the Gore and Clinton's past, present and future. (Listen)
  • Sandra Tsing Loh takes a special look into the Shadow Convention. (Listen)
  • Louis Fantasia and Warren Olney discuss the Shakespearian aspects of President Clinton. (Listen)
  • -Left, Right and Center- hosts Matt Miller, Robert Scheer and Arianna Huffington banter over Bill Clinton, the Democrats, and protesters. (Listen)



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