Democratic Convention - Day 3

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On day three of the Democratic National Convention in downtown Los Angeles it's politics, protests, and "Which Way, L.A.?".
  • Eric Roy reports on LAPD protest at Rampart while Tom Hayden and Cindi Miscikowski discuss LAPD's problems. (Listen)
  • Warren Olney talks with the elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Joe Andrew. (Listen)
  • Russell Adams, Meredith Lilly, Bill Bradley, Doug Vega, and Maxine Waters talk about the Democratic base, African American Vote, and Al Gore. (Listen)
  • Hollywood and politics, with Warren Olney, Richard Dreyfuss, Cal Dooley, and Max Keiser. (Listen)
  • Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and former Congressperson Jane Harman debate missile defense. (Listen)
  • Warren talks with Richard Riley, Secretary of Education in the Clinton Administration. (Listen)
  • Warren talks with Eli Broad. (Listen)
  • Peter Hirschberg, founder of and co-creator of the Shadow Convention (Listen)
  • Eric Roy reports on protests at LAPD's Parker Center. (Listen)
  • Louis Fantasia continues his unique look at the theater surrounding the convention (Listen)
  • -Left, Right and Center- with Matt Miller, Robert Scheer and Arianna Huffington. (Listen)



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