Los Angeles: Fifteen Years Later

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It’s still called a “riot,” an “uprising” and a “civil disturbance,” depending on the point of view. What’s indisputable is that fifty five people died fifteen years ago, thousands were injured and 1,100 buildings were damaged or destroyed. After the National Guard and Marines helped stop the violence, Mayor Tom Bradley asked Olympics Czar Peter Uberroth to form Rebuild Los Angeles, a private group which came to be called RLA. They said the cost of restoring and improving devastated neighborhoods would be six billion dollars.  When the RLA went out of business five years later, it could only count five hundred million. We begin our segment with John “Hope” Bryant, founder of the nonprofit organization “Operation Hope”.

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  • John Bryant - Operation Hope - @johnhopebryant
  • Constance Rice - Civil rights attorney based in Los Angeles and Co-Director of the Advancement Project in Los Angeles
  • Victor Sim - Chairman of the Korean American Coalition, Los Angeles
  • Fernando Guerra - Professor of Political Science; Director of the Center of the Study of Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University - @LMU_CSLA


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