George Tenet Resigns as Director of the CIA

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Before departing for Europe, President Bush dropped the bombshell that CIA Director George Tenet is leaving. He will stay until mid-July, when he-ll be replaced temporarily by Deputy Director John McLaughlin. Though Tenet said he was leaving for "personal reasons," others, including Stansfield Turner, who led the CIA under Jimmy Carter, already are calling him a -fall guy- for intelligence failures before September 11 and in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. Will other high-ranking officials follow him out of the Bush administration? Warren Olney joins journalists from Newsweek and the Washington Times, and former members of the CIA and the Defense Department for a look at the timing of Tenet-s exit, what went right and what went wrong, and who will replace him. (This segment is an edited version of one originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
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    Last year, Governor Schwarzenegger talked Democrats in Sacramento into repealing a law that would have allowed California-s two million undocumented workers to get a driver-s license. The Governor promised to work out a compromise. Now, Democratic State Senator Gil Cedillo of Los Angeles has introduced a new version of the legislation, and some members of the Latino caucus say they might withhold support for Schwarzenegger-s budget if he isn-t willing to work out a deal.

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