Gridlock at LAX - What's the solution?

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LAX, one of the world's major airports, is too small to handle the growth that's expected in the near future. Mayor Riordan and others claim that delaying or declining expansion will cost Southern California new business. Neighbors, tired of the rattled windows, airborne soot and snarled auto traffic generated by LAX, are opposed to the increased business, ground-traffic, pollution and noise expansion that LAX will bring. Will their demand for a regional plan, with growth handled by airports in Orange County and the Inland Empire, fly? Will air travelers and cargo carriers go there?
  • Newsmaker: Vicente Calderon, free lance reporter for La Opinion, updates us on the ongoing LAPD Rampart trial.
  • Reporter's Notebook: There is reportedly no progress at the peace summit in Egypt. President Clinton reportedly will delay his departure in a last-minute effort to convince Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat to stop the violence and get peace talks back on track. Major General Daniel Rothschild, who has participated in previous peace agreements and once coordinated Israel's Government Activities in the Palestinian Territories, talks about the region and the fragile peace process.



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