Has President Obama Failed to Match the Potential of Candidate Obama?

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<p>As many Americans take the opportunity sleep in or head to the mall for a little shopping on this Presidents' Day, the mood at the White House may be considerably less festive.&nbsp; A little over a year after President Barack Obama took office, some of his top priorities —like reforming healthcare and closing Guantanamo — appear to be foundering. Ever since the Democrats lost their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, there's been talk about who's at fault and where the Obama Administration has lost its <em>mojo</em>. Are these signs of a new administration just trying to find its feet, or are they indications of bigger problems? Is the man who was hailed as the consummate campaigner struggling to make the transition to governing? If so, who's to blame?<br /><br /></p>




Chery Glaser