High-Level Attention for LA's 90,000 Homeless

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Recently, private hospitals have admitted that mentally ill patients have been discharged to the sidewalks in that part of town, claiming that it's the only place where housing and other services are available. The problem is that's not true. LA Times columnist Steve Lopez has been writing for weeks about the plight of the homeless on skid row, and now County supervisors are paying attention. Mike Antonovich says it's "unacceptable" for hospitals to "dump" some of their patients on downtown city streets, where housing and other services might or might not be available. Is there the political will to make more than a dent in the problem? We hear what Antonovich is proposing and get response from a nonprofit organization that's provides support services for the homeless in Skid Row.
  • Making News: Garcetti Named City Council President
    John Ferraro was President of the LA City Council for 18 years. He was succeeded by Alex Padilla, who served four years, to be replaced today by Eric Garcetti, who will be able to serve three years at most. Welcome to term limits, Los Angeles-style and to the Council's latest President, Eric Garcetti.
  • Making News #2: LA County Health Chief Garthwaite Resigns
    In a dramatic development, Dr. Thomas Garthwaite, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, has resigned. Charles Ornstein, who writes on public issues for the Los Angeles Times, has details on why the embattled director is leaving and the legacy and challenges he leaves behind.

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