Immigration Debate and the 'Wilson Four'

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Three years ago, four outstanding students from a high school in Phoenix, Arizona went to Buffalo, New York as finalists for a science prize in solar technology. As a special treat, their teacher took them to Niagara Falls. But when they started to cross the border for a better view from the Canadian side, an immigration official stopped them because they looked Latino. For all four children, who came here when they were under 7 and have no memory of the country where they were born, the incident began a nightmare that-s not over yet. We speak with one of the students, the attorney defending them against deportation and an advocate of strict immigration control about a story that dramatizes the complexities of American laws.
  • Making News: Governor Schwarzenegger's Money from Private Companies
    Governor Schwarzenegger has dropped his $5 million to $8 million magazine deal, but the Sacramento Bee reports that 20 other businesses each paid more than $10,000 last year to his personal holding company, Oak Productions of Santa Monica. They include 20th Century Fox, MGM, Walt Disney, Universal, Zurich-American Insurance and Fry-s Electronics. Citing his right to privacy, the Governor's aides won't reveal anything more. Bob Stern is President of the non-profit Center for Governmental Studies.

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