Iran: The Nuclear Showdown and Expatriates in America

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In the run-up to the war in Iraq, Iraqi exiles, including Ahmed Chalabi, tried to influence American policy. So it is now with Iranian--or Persian--expatriates in the United States. This week's New Yorker magazine examines that exercise in an article headlined "Exiles: How Iranian expatriates are gaming the nuclear threat." We hear who they are and whether they could be agents of regime change. (An extended version of this segment was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Deputy Charged with Attempted Involuntary ManslaughterSan Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy Ivory Webb has been charged with attempted involuntary manslaughter in a shooting made famous by amateur videotape. Air Force Senior Airman Elio Carrion, just back from Iraq, was shot three times in the aftermath of a high-speed chase. He was an unarmed passenger. Duane Gang of the Riverside Press-Enterprise has more.
  • Reporters Notebook: This Year's Political Circus in Texas
    Tom DeLay's Congressional District is centered in Sugar Land, the fastest growing city in Texas and a suburb of Houston. The lobbying scandal and his own indictment for laundering campaign money have him facing three challengers in today's Republican primary. Wayne Slater, senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News, has more on DeLay's primary challenge and on Kinky Friedman's gubernatorial campaign.
Congressional Race for the 22nd District:
  • Tom DeLay's re-election campaign
  • Tom Campbell's campaign
  • Nick Lampson's campaign
  • Governor's Race:

  • Rick Perry's re-election campaign
  • Kinky Friedman's campaign
  • Carole Strayhorn's campaign
  • Press-Enterprise article on charges against Sheriff's Deputy

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