Iraq War Is Political Trouble for Bush, Democratic Opponents

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Camped down the road from the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas, Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a dead soldier is raising the profile of the anti-war movement. That's political trouble both for the President and his Democratic opponents. Despite an improved economy and bills on energy and transportation, the Bush approval ratings are sinking fast because of the war in Iraq, but anti-war Democrats are attacking their party's leaders for not trying to capitalize on the President-s problems. We examine the benefits and risks for Democrats who campaign against the war in upcoming elections with Democrats, political strategists and experts on terrorism. (An extended version of this program was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Food Shortage in Niger Is Not Ordinary Famine
    We've all seen the heartbreaking pictures of starving children in Niger. The country has suffered a poor harvest this year, but that's nothing new. One thing making the problem worse than it's been in the past is that Niger is trying to transform itself from a culture of community values and sharing to market-oriented materialism. In the town of Maradi, Craige Timberg of the Washington Post reports that there's a hunger crisis--but not a "famine."
If you'd like to donate to the relief effort, Timberg mentioned the following aid programs, which are already working in Niger:
UN World Food Program
Doctors Without Borders



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