Is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Safe?

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Legislators of both parties are hopping mad and Governor Schwarzenegger's office says he's taking it "seriously." The cause of their concern is a report in the Oakland Tribune about 15 whistle-blowing welders who've brought the FBI down on Caltrans and private contractors, putting California's biggest public works project in danger of collapse. The new $6 billion San Francisco Bay Bridge could be riddled with faulty welds and its massive concrete pilings might have to be torn apart to see if they're strong enough to hold 282,000 cars every day. The new span, which runs from Yerba Buena Island in the middle of the bay to Emeryville on the east, is designed to replace part of the existing bridge that collapsed during an earthquake in 1989. We talk to California legislators, a professor of construction risk management and the reporter who broke the story.
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