Solar Power: Out in the Desert or Up on Your Roof?

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Five years after the President's initiative for large-scale solar plants, just three are in operation. The big money is now behind installations on individual buildings, including private homes. We hear about the changing dynamics of renewable energy. Also, a conversation with Long Beach Police Chef Jim McDonnell about running for LA County Sheriff, and with Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas about losing his case against cops accused of killing an unarmed man with mental illness.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, revelations about the NSA's massive electronic spying have pitted privacy advocates and opponents of big government against officials' claims about the needs of national security. President Obama says he'll propose to resolve the conflict in a speech on Friday. We look at his options.

Banner image: The largest photovoltaic solar power plant in the United States is becoming a reality at Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada




Warren Olney