John Kerry Visits California and Caters to the Latino Vote

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It-s easy to talk about the -Latino vote- as if it were monolithic, and it-s true that Democrats get a lot more support in Latino communities than Republicans do, but Latinos are America-s fastest growing minority group, and Republicans claim that President Bush has been making inroads. That-s important in this presidential year, not just in California, but in states where it-s close, like New Mexico, Arizona and Florida. In the midst of bad times for President Bush, presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry is visiting California to speak to that constituency. Warren Olney gets an update on the Kerry visit from San Francisco Chronicle political writer Carla Marinucci, and hears about Kerry and rival George Bush's appeal to the Latino community from Republican consultant Michael Madrid and Democratic consultant Leo Briones.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Disney Refuses to Let Miramax Distribute Michael Moore Film
    Michael Moore won an Oscar last year for Bowling with Columbine, but this year, the Walt Disney Company is blocking its Miramax Division from distributing Moore-s latest documentary, Fahrenheit 911. The film, which links the Bush and bin Laden families, criticizes the President's September 11 politics. Kim Masters, who reports on entertainment for NPR, says the motivation behind Disney's refusal to distribute the film is politics--and money.

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