LA Riots: 5 Years Later

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Bart Bartholomew: Former photographer who was shooting for the New York Times when he was caught in the crossfire at the flashpoint of the riot. Bob Tur: The telecopter pilot/photographer who shot the Reginald Denny beating. David Dotson: Former asst. chief for the LAPD. Testified against Gates during Christopher Commission; retired. Jarrette Fellows: Managing editor of the LA Watts Times; he had his own publication called California Sunshine News at the time of the riots. He was also involved in helping to "keep the peace" as a rally organizer with churches in the South Central neighborhood after the second King trial. Itabari Njeri: Journalist and literary figure, a 1992 Pulitzer Prize finalist, she describes herself as a "typical New World Black," she's the author, most recently, of "The Last Plantation: Color, Conflict and Identity" Barry Sanders: An attorney with the distinguished law firm, Latham & Watkins; he was the Co-Chair of Rebuild Los Angeles, later to be called RLA Manuel Pastor: Chair, Latin American & Latino Studies; Now at U.C. Santa Cruz Formerly Professor of Economics, Internat'l and Public Affairs Center, Occidental College. Author of Latinos and the Los Angeles Uprising: The Economic Context, published by Tomas Rivera Center in Claremont, and Keeping Down with the Joneses: Neighbors, Networks, and Wages. A new study comes out on May 1. Gary Mendoza: Deputy mayor for economic development



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