LA to Feel Pinch of Venezuelan Oil Industry Strike

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Venezuela is the world-s fifth biggest exporter of oil, but 9 days of a national strike have virtually shut down its industry. The strike is aimed at President Hugo Chavez who, ironically, was elected on his promise to eliminate the corruption that prevented the poor from cashing in on oil profits. On Friday, three people were killed and 28 wounded in anti-Chavez protests. Today, against streets crowded with long lines for food, medicine and gasoline, that country-s Supreme Court suspended its work, citing political harassment from Chavez supporters. We find out what Venezuela-s troubles mean for the rest of Latin America and for Southern California from a freelance journalist based in the capital city of Caracas and the president of Inter-American Dialogue, a policy-analysis group based in Washington DC.
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    This week-s Time magazine contains the first of a two-part series on Indian casinos, focused, in part, on California. It-s an astonishing story of institutionalized inequity and discrimination. James Steele, editor-at-large at Time magazine, reports on the astonishing inequities of Native American gambling.

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