Laci Peterson and the Politics of Abortion

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Murder made Laci Peterson a household name. Now, massive news coverage of her disappearance, and the homicide charges against her philandering husband, have turned her case into another battleground in the war over abortion. Scott Peterson has been charged with two murders since California law says that killing a fetus is homicide, unless it died as the result of a legal abortion. Now, Republican Senator Mike DeWine of Ohio has reintroduced the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which would allow prosecution for harming or killing a fetus during a federal crime. What does that mean for women-s rights under Roe versus Wade? We hear from representatives of the pro-life and pro-choice movements and a law professor from Columbia University-s School of Law.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LAPD Chief Brings in Outsider to Help with LA-s Gang Problem
    There were 18 gang killings last month in LA, 10 on one weekend alone. Now, Police Chief William Bratton and the local church leader Charles Blake have invited a Boston minister to help deal with the gang problem. Though the LA Times reports that Rev. Eugene Rivers didn-t get a warm reception from the city-s black leadership, he says he-s not here to -kiss the rings- of politicians but to devise a plan to minister, mentor and monitor LA-s at-risk youth.

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