LAPD Beating Stirs up Rifts at City Council

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Last night, for the second time in the past few days, a local TV station aired videotape of an LA police officer striking a man with a flashlight. The incident took place last month at a party in South Los Angeles. Police say their investigation confirms that the man cut the officer-s head with a bottle and put his hand on the officer-s pistol. Though in last week-s case, eight officers were immediately assigned to inside duty, Police Chief William Bratton sees no reason yet to take action in this case, since the video seems to support the officer's use of force. Still, the incident has created a stir at City Hall, with Mayor Hahn facing a tough race for re-election. Warren Olney talks with City Council members Dennis Zine, a 30-year veteran of the LAPD, and former federal prosecutor Jack Weiss, who's been a vocal advocate of police reform.
  • Making News: Motion Picture Association Names Dan Glickman as New Chief
    Jack Valenti announced his retirement last March, but it-s taken until now to replace him. The new head of Hollywood-s Motion Picture Association is another Democrat with long experience in Washington. He-s Dan Glickman, former Congressman from Kansas and Secretary of Agriculture under President Clinton. Watching it all is Robert Dowling, editor and publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, says productions, not politics are behind the MPAA's decision.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: LA Times Names Michael Kinsley New Opinion Editor
    TV news junkies will remember Michael Kinsley as host of CNN-s "Crossfire.- He-s also been editor of The New Republic and Harper-s and founding editor of Microsoft-s online magazine Last month, the man whose pointed political writing-s appeared throughout the media, became the Editorial and Opinion editor at the Los Angles Times.

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