LAPD Officer Clearance Puts Discipline, Reform in Doubt

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A 1999 police shooting has again stirred controversy in Los Angeles. Margaret Mitchell was a mentally ill, homeless woman questioned by cops about her use of a shopping cart. She ignored the officers and walked away, but later pulled a screwdriver and allegedly lunged at Officer Edward Larrigan who-d pulled his gun. Larrigan fired once. Mitchell died from a chest wound. Chief Bernard Parks called the shooting -in policy.- The civilian Inspector General and Police Commission disagreed. A mostly LAPD panel, set up to determine punishment was delayed for several reasons until last month, when it decided that Larrigan acted properly. Managing editor Kyle McKinnon discusses the contradictory findings with an assistant chief of the LAPD, the president of the Police Commission and a legal expert who helped led an independent investigation into the Rampart scandal.
  • Making News: Mayor Hahn on the Budget and LAPD
    As the partisan debate continues over solving California-s enormous budget problems, LA-s mayor is heading to Sacramento to try to hold onto all money due the city. State parks, community colleges and social services will all be hit by fixes for the $38 billion deficit. Calling it wrong to take money from local government, Mayor Jim Hahn speaks about the budget stalemate and today-s report exonerating an LAPD officer in a 1999 shooting.

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