LAPD, State Court Push for Reduction in Car Chases

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Crime is up in LA, and so are police pursuits of suspects, along with related deaths and injuries to innocent bystanders. The LAPD launches more car chases on city streets than most other urban departments. Last year, 781 such pursuits resulted in six deaths and 139 injuries, including an infant who lost his arm when fleeing suspects crashed into a mini-van. While there-s a consensus that it-s time for a change and Police Chief William Bratton wants to set limits on when his officers can give chase, others contend it-s time to change the state law that makes cops immune from accountability in civil courts. We hear more from commanding officer of LAPD-s risk management group and from a consumer attorney who has represented several police chase lawsuits.
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Consumer Price Index, US Department of Labor

LAPD pursuit policy under review

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