Legislators Ask for Extended Term Limits

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Proposition 45 on the March 5 ballot would change California's term limits for elected state legislators by amending a 1990 initiative that established term limits for state legislators. That initiative restricted Assembly members to three two-year terms, state Senators to two four-year terms. Supporters, like Cindy O'Connor, President of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles, say that the new proposition would empower voters by letting them keep a good politician in office longer. Opponents, like termed-out Assemblyman Rod Pacheco of Riverside, call the initiative misleading and claim that it is a scheme to kill term limits altogether.
  • Newsmaker: Simon Surges but Riordan Still Leads against Davis
    The California Public Policy Institute's most recent poll shows big changes in the Republican race for Governor. Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan has been a prohibitive favorite over Secretary of State Bill Jones and businessman Bill Simon. Poll Director Mark Baldassare, says that Riordan's lead is not what it used to be.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mexican ID Cards Generate Millions for California Banks
    The lack of documentation forced illegal immigrants to live in an underground cash economy without bank accounts, credit cards or other financial conveniences. But in November, Wells Fargo joined several other banks in accepting ID cards issued by Mexican consulates. KCRW's Eric Roy reports that those banks have opened new accounts worth some 50 million dollars.

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