Los Angeles School Board Election, 3rd District

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Once centered in Hollywood, the LA School Board-s District 3 has been redrawn to be entirely in the San Fernando Valley. School Board President Caprice Young is the incumbent, running for re-election against retired teacher Jon Lauritzen. Young is supported by the Coalition for Kids, led by former Mayor Richard Riordan and billionaire Eli Broad. Lauritzen is backed by the United Teachers union. The candidates have each received more that $600,000 from their respective backers. We hear from Young and Lauritzen about class size, academic accountability, teacher morale, school safety, breakup of the district, and an election that will help decide who-s running the nation-s second largest school district.
  • Making News: NASA Anticipates, Fails to Act on Shuttle Disaster
    The Associated Press is reporting that, one day before the Columbia space-shuttle disaster, senior NASA engineers feared a fatal incident like the one that occurred hours later. Though one engineer e-mailed why they were addressing their concerns -on the day before landing and not the day after launch,- they never sent their warning to higher officials. Dan Feldstein is reporting the story for the Houston Chronicle.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Consequences of Black-on-Black Violence
    Tomorrow, Which Way, L.A.? goes on the road to the first AME Church in central LA to talk with LAPD Chief William Bratton and others about gang violence and murder. Last month, Jill Leovy wrote a dramatic, heart-wrenching story for the Los Angeles Times about the consequences of black-on-black murders. Many people overlook these crimes out of a tendency to focus on the perpetrators rather than the victims.

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