Los Angeles School Board Run-Off

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When David Tokofsky ran for the Los Angeles School Board four years ago, he had the support-and the money-of Richard Riordan and Eli Broad-s Coalition for Kids. But that was then, this is now. In the March primary, the incumbent came within a few hundred votes of re-election to a third term, but failed to get a majority of the vote in the race against three other candidates. Now the coalition is now backing Nellie R-os-Perra, in a district newly reapportioned to favor a Latino candidate. She is a teacher, parent and preschool-program administrator in the Lennox District. We hear a debate between the two challengers in next week's election, and learn more about the teachers- union, bilingual education and managing a district with more kids than the population of San Francisco.
  • Making News: Governor Davis Presents Revised Budget Proposal
    In Sacramento today, Governor Davis revised his budget to reflect revenues through last month. With the deficit now at $38 billion, he still cuts in many programs and new taxes on cigarettes, cars, consumer products and the wealthy. Davis told reporters he wants the Legislature to finish work on the budget by June 30. We hear from state Finance Director Steve Peace, man behind the plan, and Sacramento Bee reporter Alexa Bluth.

Governor Davis- May 14 budget revision

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Bluth's article, " Budget revision has taxes, loans"

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