Maxine Waters Breaks Her Silence

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The Congressional Ethics Committee has said there is "substantial reason" to believe Maxine Waters may have violated House ethics rules, but has not made public the charges against her. It has been reported that she helped set up a meeting between former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the National Bankers Association, which was looking for help from TARP, the Troubled Assets Relief Program. The Association includes One United Bank of Massachusetts. Waters' husband, Sidney Williams, resigned as a director of One United five months before the meeting took place, although he still held stock in the bank. Three months after Waters' request, One United received $12 million in bailout funds. The Congresswoman has demanded that charges against her be made public now and that a hearing be held before the November election.

(Earl Ofari Hutchinson will interview Congresswoman Waters on KTYM, 1460AM on August 6, 9:30-10am.)




Warren Olney