McVeigh Trial Aftermath

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Bob Macy: District Attorney, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma for 17 years. Former police officer, and past president of the national district attorney's association. (Has personally convicted over sixty murderers and sent fifty two of them to death row.) Steve Bright: Director, Southern Center for Human Rights, a public interest legal project in Atlanta which provides representation to people facing the death penalty and challenging unconstitutional conditions in prisons and jails. Has taught at Harvard and Yale law schools. Bob Hoyt: Partner, Wilmer, Cutler, and Pickering law firm in Washington DC. Co-counsel representing 89 of the victims in the Oklahoma City bombing. Jeanne Bishop: Family member of three murder victims killed in a shooting; resident of Chicago, grew up in Oklahoma City. Charles Daniel Key: Oklahoma Republican, representing Oklahoma's 90th district, suburban Oklahoma City. Edwin Guthman: Professor of Journalism, USC; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist; one of three independent reviewers who analyzed the findings of a federal investigation into the raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. Karen Mathews: Clerk-Recorder in Modesto, Stanislaus County. Wrote a recent New York Times piece about being attacked at knifepoint by an anti-government extremist. Dr. Brent Smith, Ph.D.: Chair, Department of Justice Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Following the Oklahoma City bombing, he testified before the House Judiciary subcommittee on Crime regarding the proliferation of militias in the US. Manny Fernandez: Board member, National Rifle Association. Professor Peter Arenella: Professor of criminal law at UCLA, currently writing a book on the media and the law. David Rapaport: Professor of Political Science, UCLA; Editor of the "Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence" Author of Assassination and Terrorism; Editor and contributor to two other books on the subject, Morality of Terrorism; and Inside Terrorist Organizations.



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