Nader, Buchanan and third parties

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It-s convention season, and this week it-s the turn of the Reform Party, with Pat Buchanan and physicist John Hagelin duking it out for that party-s nod. In fact, the competition for the Reform Party-s nomination is so fierce, that Long Beach police officers will be on hand to prevent possible violence. Hear from the Buchanan and Hagelin camps, and at the top of the program we-ll hear from Green Party presidential nominee Ralph Nader.
Newsmaker: In Long Beach, this week, there's a lot at stake for the Reform Party. Not just the presidential nomination, but 12.5 million dollars in federal money earned by Ross Perot's showing in the election of 1996. Perot's faction has disqualified former Republican Pat Buchanan as a nominee, for allegedly breaking party rules. That would pave the way for John Hagelin, who's already nominated by the Natural Law Party. Buchanan claims if he's not on the ballot, it means the end of the Party, and he's not giving up. The convention starts Thursday, but the infighting's already begun. KCRW's Eric Roy is at the Long Beach Convention Center.



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