Needle Exchange

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Renee Edgington: Executive director, Harm Reduction Central, a social service center for drug users in Hollywood, which provides a range of services from needle exchange to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Art Croney: Director and lobbyist, Committee on Moral Concerns, a non-profit group focusing on social issues -- supported by churches and families and Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Ian Trowbridge: Professor of Biology at the Salk Institute in San Diego. Adjunct professor at UCSD, where he teaches an undergraduate class on AIDS. Dr. Janet Lapey: President, Drug Watch International. Medical doctor; has taught at Harvard and Georgetown medical schools. State Senator Diane Watson: Democratic Senator from Los Angeles. Has sponsored legislation for several years to set up pilot needle exchange programs. Dr. James Kooler: Deputy Director of Prevention Service, California State Alcohol and Drug program. Dr. John Schurnhoff: Acting chief of operations, Public Health Programs and Services, Los Angeles County Department of Health. Pat Alston: 22 year reporter with the Santa Monica Outlook, which closed in 3/98

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