Negative Campaigning Puts Villaraigosa on the Spot

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In an election that won-t be held until March, voters in Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington and Boyle Heights have already begun receiving campaign mailers that veteran political pros are calling -sleazy,- -stupid- and -despicable.- They are personal attacks on Antonio Villaraigosa, who is challenging City Councilman Nick Pacheco in the 14th District. The mailers charge that, as Assembly Speaker, Villaraigosa betrayed his Latino constituents to please -white advisors,- and that he committed various sexual indiscretions. Pacheco supporter Roberto Torres says he-s sending the mailers, but Pacheco says he wishes they-d stop. We hear from both candidates, then more about old campaign tactics and new accusations from a professor of governmental studies from Claremont McKenna College.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: 400,000 Potassium Iodide Pills Still Locked Away
    Last summer, the State of California asked the federal government for potassium iodide pills to distribute to people who live 10 miles from nuclear power plants at San Onofre or Diablo Canyon. Now, local officials say they-re -frustrated- because 400,000 such pills are locked up in a storage facility. Patricia Gentry, a member of the potassium iodide task force at the Orange County Health Care Agency, clears up the controversy.

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