Overnight RV Parking Raises a Stink in Venice

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A long-running dispute flared up again last week after a neighborhood watch captain claimed she saw a woman passenger in a large camper dispose of human waste in a gutter. The resident got the license number and called the police as the vehicle pulled away, spilling sewage and toilet paper behind it. That was on the Marina Peninsula, but the cops caught up with the camper blocks away in Venice. The passenger was arrested and then let go, but now City Attorney Carmen Trutanich says he plans to prosecute.



  • Mark Ryavec - Venice Stakeholders Association
  • Linda Lucks - President, Venice Neighborhood Council
  • Mike Bonin - member of the Los Angeles City Council, representing the 11th district - @mikebonin
  • Mike Arnold - Executive Director, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority


Warren Olney