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The LA mayoral runoff is already underway with top contenders James Hahn and Antonio Villaraigosa holding separate news conferences in the San Fernando Valley today, courting new coalitions and former opponents. We consider whether the Republican mayor or his anointed, but unsuccessful, candidate will weigh in, and measure the mobilization potential of the many south-of-Mulholland runoffs. We'll explore the makeup and attitude of Tuesday's voters with pollsters, political strategists, and political scientists. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Mayoral Hopeful - Four-term City Attorney James Hahn won over a quarter of yesterday's mayoral vote. Citing the Valley as a crucial battleground in the June runoff, he lets his city hall record speak for itself. Discussing his effort to expand his endorsements, Hahn expresses confidence in the support of Latino voters because he speaks to the issues that affect them.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Leader of the Pack - Former State Assemblyman Antonio Villaraisoga, who cites his record on bi-partisanship as a crucial credential, won 30 percent of the mayoral vote in yesterday's primary. He speaks to the depth and breadth of his support, his will to increase LA's wealth, restore confidence in the police, improve schools and bring a stronger voice to the Valley.

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