Powell Makes Case against Iraq to Security Council

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Today, using satellite pictures and intercepted conversations between Iraqi Red Guards, Colin Powell presented America-s case before the UN Security Council. Intelligence secrets were laid bare to support the claim that Iraq is deceiving inspectors about its weapons of mass destruction, aiding and abetting terrorists, and posing a serious threat to the rest of the world. The Secretary of State told the Council it must act against violations of its resolutions or become an irrelevant institution. We hear more about Powell-s presentation and get initial reaction to it from a former UN weapons inspector, an expert from the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St. Andrews University, and a journalist from Le Monde. (This abbreviated program was broadcast in its entirety earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Powell Connects the Dots on Iraq
    US Secretary of State Colin Powell has made America-s case to the UN Security Council. Watching closely was Newsweek investigative reporter Michael Isikoff. The co-author of -No More Hide and Seek,- which appears in this week-s issue, offers some observations on Powell-s credibility and the administration-s -best case- against Iraq.

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Powell's Address to the Security Council

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