President Bush Presents Bold Agenda for America, the World

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After presenting his State of the Union address last night, President Bush is back on the campaign trail, going to five states to pressure Democrats-and some Republicans-to support big changes in Social Security. He started out in North Dakota, a state he won with 63% of the vote, and where Democratic Senator Kent Conrad is up for re-election in just two years. We hear more about the President's plans, and the oddities of his whistle stop in Fargo from Patrick Springer, who reports on politics for The Forum. (An extended version of this segment was broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Which Values Does President Bush Represent?
    Last night, President Bush did not say -abortion- or -same-sex marriage,- but he did make reference to what he called -a culture of life,- -activist judges,- and a constitutional amendment to -protect the institution of marriage.- Was that what conservative evangelists wanted to hear? We ask Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land, named -God-s Lobbyist- in a Time magazine cover story, and former Democratic Congressman Bob Edgar, now a Methodist minister and head of the National Council of Churches.

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