President's Vacation; LAUSD Stanford 9 Results

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After just seven months on the job, George W. Bush is taking the longest presidential vacation in 32 years. Although the President's Texas ranch is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that keeps him as connected as any president has ever been, the four-week break creates the appearance that he is out-of-touch. What's the symbolic impact of so much time off after so little time on the job? What message does it send to White House staff, world leaders and the American public? We ask the Austin bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News and a political scientist.
  • Newsmaker: LAUSD Students Score Better in Math and Reading - The LA Unified School District is so proud of this year's Stanford 9 test results that it's released statistics a day early to focus special attention on the accomplishment. School Superintendent Roy Romer credits a more rigorous curriculum and improved teacher training with the seven-percent jump in elementary school reading and math skills.

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