Privacy and the Press

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Antony Stuart: A lawyer who represents two clients with claims against reality shows they allege invaded their privacy. One of those cases, against a show called On Scene: Emergency Response, will be decided later this year by the Supreme Court of California. Terry Gordon: Partner in the law firm of Epstein, Becker & Green; he represented the companies which made and distributed On Scene: Emergency Response. Jane Kirtley: Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press which counsels reporters and also has a quarterly publication on media law issues. Steve Geimann: President, Society of Professional Journalists, the largest professional organization of working and student journalists, with more than 13,000 members. It promotes freedom of the press, freedom of information, professional standards and continuing education. Geimann is a senior editor at Communications Daily, a trade newsletter. He previously worked at UP for 11 years, and at a Gannette paper in Upstate New York. Beverly DeTeresa: Flight attendant who observed OJ Simpson on the plane he took to Chicago on the night of the Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman murders. She sued ABC after a journalist secretly taped her during a conversation about whether she would do an on camera interview. Her claim was dismissed. Neville Johnson: A lawyer specializing in invasion of privacy and hidden camera cases; he represents Beverly DeTeresa in her case against ABC. Richard Riordan: Mayor, City of Los Angeles. Howard Rosenberg: Television critic for the Los Angeles Time.

topic: Bernard Parks named new Chief of the LAPD.



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