Proposition 51: Safe Roads or Pocketbook Pork?

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Proposition 51 on November-s ballot would provide hundreds of millions of dollars for 45 specific projects. Rather than raise any new money, the initiative would redistribute 30 percent of the state-s sales tax on new and used motor vehicles. The money could not be used for anything other than the projects specified in the measure, including a rail line from LA to Indio and new paths for golf carts at Leisure World. Would Prop 51 ease traffic congestion or give special interests perpetual funding at state expense? We hear from the Mayor of Irvine, who helped put the initiative on the ballot, and from the executive director of the California Tax Reform Association, which joins the League of Women Voters and several conservative groups in opposing the measure.
  • Newsmaker:Nurses Strike at Long Beach Memorial Hospital
    Some 1300 registered nurses are on strike at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, California-s second largest private hospital. The walkout is the largest such action in California in more than four years. Tracy Manzer, who is covering the story for the Long Beach Press Telegram, assesses the strike-s affect on operations inside the hospital and concerns that the work stoppage could spread throughout the state.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Moving Out
    Vanessa Gonzales planned to live with her mother until she went away to college. For 15 years, they shared a roof, plans for the future and a loving relationship. Then, Vanessa switched schools, a move that opened her mind but cut her off from her mother. In this second in our series of commentaries from Youth Radio-Los Angeles, the teen describes the hardest thing she-s ever done, moving away from home.

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