Public Health System in Critical Condition

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A year ago, anthrax-tainted letters raised the issue of disaster preparedness and public health. Yet many people inside the US public health system say they-re coping with daily disasters, brought on not by terrorism, but by budget constraints. Los Angeles and New York are facing severe cutbacks, and public hospitals and clinics nationwide are operating in the red as they try to care for the millions who rely on it daily for both emergencies and basic health needs. How crucial to homeland security is the public health system? We examine the failing condition of the US public health system with doctors, representatives of local, state and nationwide healthcare systems, an epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and a health policy expert from the Cato Institute.
Guest hosted by Jeffrey Kaye of public television-s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (The complete version of this discussion was originally broadcast originally September 18, 2002 on To the Point.)
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