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With the demise of New Times in October, the LA Weekly is now the major alternative to the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News. Now, Richard Riordan, who battled the LA Times when he was mayor, is planning his own alternative weekly. If the LA Examiner gets off the ground, it-ll be a politically oriented publication aimed at affluent readers-and it-ll be free. The prototype, which contains articles by Bill Boyarsky, Joel Kotkin, Jill Stewart, Billy Crystal and Lynda Obst, will be sent to potential advertisers and investors in order to augment funding for a June publication debut. We hear more about the challenge of launching the new news enterprise from LA Times media columnist Tim Rutten, Jay Levin, the founder and former president of the LA Weekly, and former LA Times city editor Bill Boyarsky, whose byline also appears in this week-s prototype.
  • Newsmaker: Tribal Leaders Prepare to Battle Davis on Deficit
    Gambling on Indian reservations is a major industry, but it-s exempt from taxation. Now Governor Davis wants $1.5 billion from California-s 50 tribal casinos to help close the state-s budget gap. Erica Warner, who reports for the Associated Press, is in Temecula at the Western Indian Gaming Conference, where tribal leaders are preparing to negotiate Davis- proposal, which they consider an affront to their tribal sovereignty.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: San Diego Prepares for Super Bowl Invasion
    Fans of the Oakland Raiders have left their mark on San Diego. Drunken brawls have led to attacks on security guards. One fan once even bit the ear off a supporter of the San Diego Chargers. Today, the Raiders are heading for Sunday-s Super Bowl game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. David Wharton, sports writer for the LA Times, says San Diego is steeling itself for painted faces, shoulder pads and $8000 tickets!

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