Quackenbush resigns / Mexico elections

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Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush calls it quits after months of scandal over his handling of Northridge earthquake insurance company penalties. In Mexico, the last poll has been taken, and today is the last day that the law allows candidates for President of Mexico to actively campaign. But, the country's first election to feature private polling itself won't be held until Sunday. Meantime, there's no letup in the controversy over how fairly it will be conducted. The stakes are enormous, with the first transition of power in 70 years a real possibility. Evidence of vote-rigging or other corruption could lead to a serious loss of government credibility, and perhaps to civil unrest. We'll hear from all three major parties and from pollsters and vote watchers.
On Reporter's Notebook, CNN"s Bill Schneider on the political implications of the Supreme Courts important 5-4 decision to ban the ban on so-called "partial birth abortion" in one state.



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