Reaction to President Bush's Address to Congress

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President Bush addressed a joint session of Congress last night, asking for unity in the face of national crisis. While the speech drew positive response from both sides of the aisle, it was vague on details of just what the President intends to do. As the nation unites to wage war on terrorism, is there any room for partisan disagreement? California Congressmen David Dreier, a Republican from the San Gabriel Valley, and Howard Berman, a Democrat from the San Fernando Valley, answer that question as well as those of listeners in a live one-hour call-in program.
  • Newsmaker: Reaction in Pakistan - Afghanistan's Taliban leaders have turned down President Bush's ultimatum to produce Osama bin Laden or suffer the consequences. Jugnu Mohsin, of Pakistan's Friday Times, reports that although her neighboring country condemns last week's violence, it is perplexed that the President didn't address the sources of anti-American sentiment.

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